Connected Dreams

Bee together & water in School

Wednesday 29 August | 15.00-15.30 | Room: Exhibition Hall

Water is the main ingredient in many foods and water is the crucial link in the project “Bee together”. The shortage of clean drinking-water doesn’t just create problems for the human race and we can today see how chemicals, pesticides and waste fundamentally threaten the basic prerequisites for life on Earth. A lack of clean water will lead to conflicts, war and financial collapse. We humans can choose to change imbalance to balance and we now want to present “Bee together”, where the schooling system and student democracy are at the forefront. Interaction between young and old, where old knowledge are placed in the hands of the young and where the flow of the river makes this project transboundary, both locally, regionally and globally. The Beetogether project connect water councils, beekeepers and schools. Every river is connecting with another river. In our sofa we give a "Beetogether perspective". The network "water in school" share their perspectives about the solutions we need for making the water framework connect with school systems.