Conservation International / Tecnológico de Monterrey / Water Center for Latin America and the Caribbean

Decision-support systems to measure water-related trade-offs in Latin America

Sunday 26 August | 16.00-16.30 | Room: Exhibition Hall

The Strategic Decisions Core (NED, by its Spanish acronym), hosted by the Water Center for Latin America and the Caribbean at Tecnológico de Monterrey (TEC), supports innovative approaches to addressing complex water resource issues in the LAC region.  They link science with policy, promoting dialogue between different sectors of society and employing mathematical modelling to support the decision making process. Two Pilot Projects are examples of this methodology. The first one, key in the Water Plan of Nuevo Leon, involved developing a series of scenarios to meet projected water demand for securing water supply in Metropolitan Monterrey.

NED and Conservation International (CI) are working together in the Second Pilot Project, focused on evaluating water-related tradeoffs by applying the Freshwater Health Index, a set of quantitative indicators, in three basins in Peru, Brazil and Colombia. The results help multiple stakeholders evaluate the health of their basins and their ability to provide services including water supply, erosion prevention, and flood mitigation. Working with basin committees, municipalities, and other partners, the TEC/CI team has developed and is modeling scenarios for climate change and land use change to help identify potential tradeoffs among agricultural intensification, urbanization, ecosystem conservation and restoration.