Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences / Hacksta Gård / Odling i Balans

Balancing ecology and economy at Hacksta farm by Lake Mälaren

Wednesday 29 August | 09.00-13.15 | Room: Departure: Entrance FH

Visit Hacksta, a modern commercial crop production farm, located close to Enköping by Lake Mälaren, to learn about innovative approaches to increase sustainability and balance ecology with farm economy. The 350 hectare farm focuses on production of rapeseed, peas, barley and wheat, but also has some beef cattle grazing semi-natural pastures. Based on holistic principles, many steps towards increased sustainability have been taken on the farm. There are buffer strips protecting water courses and supporting pollinators, ponds for phosphorus retention, biobeds collecting and degrading pesticides and old logs hosting insects. Integrated pest management, minimized plowing, grazing, waste management and technologies for energy and nutrient efficiency are practiced on the farm. Hacksta is part of the network Odling i Balans (Farming in Balance), where farmers in cooperation with researchers develop innovative approaches to environmentally friendly farming. During the visit, the farm manager and SLU researchers will share knowledge about measures to increase nutrient and energy efficiency, decrease nutrient and pesticide pollution and support biodiversity while strengthening the economy. There will be possibilities for the visitors to see e.g. fields with buffer strips, a phosphorous dam, biodbeds and semi-natural pasture. A barn is available for the visitors in case of rainy weather.


Please collect your tickets for the field visit at secretariat (available from one day before)

09:00 Bus leaves from the Stockholm City Conference Centre
• On the road: Introduction to the visit - by Sara Gräslund, water coordinator, SLU, Helena Aronsson, external collaboration specialist, SLU; and Helena Elmquist, manager of operations, Farming-in-Balance.
• Small snack will be provided.

10.15 Bus arrives at Hacksta farm
• Welcome to Hacksta farm! Challenges and opportunities for sustainable agriculture today - by Mats Engquist, farm manager.
• View of the new fossil free grain dryer - Mats Engquist and Helena Elmquist
• Presentation of a biobed – a practical measure to reduce pesticide pollution - Helena Elmquist

10.50 Short bus ride within the farm
• Phosphorous dam – capture the phosphorous before it enters the lake - Helena Aronsson

11.20 Short bus ride within the farm
• Buffer strips along the fields - nutrient capture and biodiversity – Helena Elmquist
• Concluding reflections – Mats Engquist

11.45 Bus leaves from Hacksta farm

• On the road: Discussion with Helena Aronsson, Helena Elmquist and Sara Gräslund.

13.15 Bus arrives at Stockholm City Conference Centre