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Water and Faith: Acting in Partnership to achieve SDG 6

Thursday 30 August | 17.00-17.30 | Room: Exhibition Hall
WCC/Albin Hillert

To achieve the SDGs in just 12 years requires strong partnerships. Faith and spirituality are foundational sources and drivers of behavior; shaping and inspiring individual and community worldviews, priorities, daily rituals and community structures – including relationship to and value of water resources. Moreover, in rural and remote locations, or where governments are unable or otherwise fail to provide essential services, faith-based organizations and networks are often relied upon to fill essential service gaps. There are several good practices promoted by the faith communities to achieve the SDG 6.

The SIWI Sofa will give opportunities to highlight some of those good practices, particularly about the campaign of World Council of Churches to become Blue Communities and the national effort to reduce water use in religious institutions in Jordan through the “Blue Mosques” campaign. The ‘Sofa’ discussion will provide an opportunity to highlight the development of a SIWI Swedish Water House Cluster Group on Water and Faith which aims to engage Swedish stakeholders, including faith-based actors, around a common agenda to achieve SDG 6.