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Accountability in Scaling market based sanitation financin

Monday 27 August | 17.00-17.30 | Room: Exhibition Hall

Demand generation coupled with supply side development and financial linkages are the main interventions in this model. By application of various financial inclusion instruments such as financial literacy, micro savings and microcredit, customers at the bottom of the pyramid are empowered to attain improved sanitation.

The Kenya Ministry of Health and Amref Health Africa create demand for improved sanitation facilities through sanitation marketing. WASTE complements these efforts through supply side development focusing on building capacities of masons and local entrepreneurs to develop viable businesses both in sanitation service and value chains. Innovations and continuous quality improvements throughout the implementation process aim to reduce costs of sanitation and to set the stage for the safe reuse of nutrients present in human waste. Financial partners fill a critical gap by providing financial solutions to various players hence closing the market loop.   Through this collective action a self-propelled market emerges. Each player is accountable to deliver specific interventions and has relevant incentives to do so. Having tested, proven and demonstrated successes of this model initially in India and more recently in Kenya, FINISH envisages to to scale and replicate to 4 additional countries under the name “FINISH Mondial”