Improving WASH programmes using sustainability and value for money evidence

Sunday 23 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: NL Music Hall

This event focuses on trends in measuring sustainability and value for money (VFM), and how to improve WASH programmes using evidence for these concepts. The majority of time will be dedicated to discussion rather than presentation. Existing tools and methods for measuring sustainability and VFM will be reviewed. New nationally-representative survey data from four countries, which fills important information gaps, will be presented to guide the discussion. Particular focus will be given to how such data can be used to improve programming and linked to permanent, national monitoring and corrective actions.

The event brings together researchers and consultants from six organisations working on related projects with DFID and UNICEF.

The proposed structure is as follows:

1.       Sustainability presentation (20mins). Overview of definitions, indicators and tools for sustainability, with findings from four new surveys 

2.       Value for Money presentation (20mins). Definition of VFM, incorporating sustainability of outcomes. Findings from new VFM analysis of six WASH programmes

3.       Panel discussion (20mins), with discussants from UNICEF, DFID and an NGO 

4.       Plenary (30mins), open floor


11:00     Welcome by moderator (Barbara Evans, University of Leeds)

11:05     Value for Money (VFM) – findings and lessons from VFM analysis of six WASH programmes

Sophie Trémolet (Trémolet Consulting)

11:25     Sustainability – definitions and indicators for WASH service sustainability, with findings from four recent surveys

Ian Ross (Oxford Policy Management) and Ryan Schweitzer (Aguaconsult)

11:45     Panel discussion intermixed with plenary discussion

Laura Westcott (DFID)

Nicolas Osbert (UNICEF Zambia)

12:30     Close