A Pathway to Sustainable Development: Water and Green Growth

Thursday 27 August | 14.00-15.30 | Room: NL Music Hall

This year will be a milestone for the people who are living on this planet. In coming months, specific objectives and targets will be set to attain sustainable development for next decades. Discussions on green growth have been touched upon among relevant experts from the international organizations, businesses, NGOs, and government at the 7th World Water Forum, which is the biggest water conference in the world. The consensus has been made among them that a solid policy guideline, sustainable financing mechanism and smart technology are required to make green growth happen. However, it may take longer to discard our unsustainable growth patterns as benefits of green growth are perceived to be in far future. Therefore, long-term view is required of policy makers when implementing practical policy measures, investing in green growth and adopting appropriate technology tailored to each country’s context.   

In this regard, the seminar will shed light on the key enabling conditions of green growth as discussed at the 7th World Water Forum: policy, financing and technology. In a broader context, discussions will take place on how such ways of green growth will contribute to achieving the SDGs.  


14:00 Welcome Address

? Dr. Gyewoon CHOI (CEO, K-water)

? Prof. Do?an Altinbilek (Vice-president, World Water Council)


14:05 A Pathway to Sustainable Development

? Dr. Josefina Maestu, UN-WATER

14:15 Green Growth Policy in Korea

? Mr. Joo-Il Lee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

14:25 Key Enabling Conditions of WGG from the 7th World Water Forum

a. Final outcomes of the Water and Green Growth Project

? Prof.Do?an Altinbilek, WWC

b. Solid policy

 ? Mr. Taesun Shin, K-water

 c. Smart technology

 ? Dr. Yong-Deok Cho, K-water

 d. Sustainable financing

  ? Ms. Hannah Leckie, OECD

15:05 Q&A and Panel Discussion

Moderator: Mr. John Joyce, SIWI


? Dr. Josefina Maestu, UN-WATER

? Dr. Thierry Facon, FAO

? Dr. Diego Rodriguez, World Bank

? Dr. Akiça Bahri, AfDB

? Mr. Taesun Shin, K-water

? Dr. Yong-Deok Cho, K-water

? Ms. Hannah Leckie, OECD

15:25 Closing Remarks by Prof. Do?an Altinbilek


The year of 2015 will be the turning point for moving towards sustainability by launching a new universal agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Water and Green Growth is a new development strategy to achieve economic growth, ensuring environmental sustainability and social inclusiveness. This requires a set of well-designed policies, sustainable financing mechanism and innovative technology. The seminar will derive lessons from experts’ discussions and discuss on future direction.