Alliance for Water Stewardship

Feeding Nine Billion People: How Water Stewardship Can Help

Tuesday 25 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: FH 307

We live in a time that has ever-increasing concerns about food security, natural resources use and our ability to meet the needs of a global population projected to soon exceed 9 billion. With 90% of humanity’s water footprint in the production of agricultural products sustainable, water management in agricultural supply chains is critical if this challenge is to be overcome. Companies dependent on agricultural inputs are increasingly looking for sustainable sources to reduce water-related business risk. Reliance on unsustainable agricultural supply chains is putting people and business at risk. These combined pressures for sustainable agriculture call for a rapid increase in water stewardship.

Water stewardship is a collaborative and multi-stakeholder approach that aims to achieve social, environmental and economic benefits. Using leading examples of how the private sector has engaged with governments, civil society and academia in collective water stewardship, this session will critically discuss lessons learned in driving more sustainability through agricultural supply chains.

These valuable lessons will be captured as we move toward implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and will guide water stewardship in going beyond reducing business risk to making significant and meaningful contributions to more equitable development.


11:00   Welcome and introduction to session

Dr. Mark Dent, Southern Africa Regional Manager, Alliance for Water Stewardship 

11:10-11:30: Water stewardship and the Sustainable Development Goals: policy level linkages

Moderator: Ruth Mathews, Executive Director, Water Footprint Network


Josefina Maestu (UN Water)  

Timothy Williams (IWMI)

11:30-11:50   Implementing water stewardship: sharing lessons from leading business

Facilitator: Nick Hepworth, Water Witness


Josefina Maestu (UN Water)  

Timothy Williams (IWMI)

Chris Brown (Olam)

Carlo Galli (Nestlé)

Simon Reid (M&S)

Dr. D N Kulkarni (Jain Irrigation)

Erika Zarate (Good Stuff International)

11:50 -12h25  Moderated discussion and Q&A

Moderator: Nick Hepworth, Water Witness

12:25-12:30  Summary and wrap-up

Ruth Mathews, Executive Director, Water Footprint Network