Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea

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Daegu is the fourth largest city in South Korea with over 2.5 million residents. Since Daegu successfully hosted the 7th World Water Forum in 2015, the city is making every effort to progress as an advanced water city with the establishment of the Korea Water Cluster. The Cluster is being established on an area of 650,000 square meters within the Daegu National Industrial Park, Southeastern part of Korea at a cost of about USD 262 million. The construction began in 2015 and it will be completed by 2018.

The Cluster is designed to further develop the water industry in Korea by providing water-related companies with one-stop solutions including specialized facilities for R&D, test-beds, manufacturing, technology certification, verification, commercialization and marketing as well as training water professionals. It also aims to strengthen its resident companies’ global competitiveness and global market presence by promoting the international influence of Korean expertise and enhancing domestic and international water industry networks.

As a hub of national water industry, the Korea Water Cluster will be the world’s most unique water industry cluster combining water related R&D, test-beds, industries and water industry businesses.