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Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA)

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The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) is an open international alliance with members who share a common vision on sustainable sanitation and are dedicated to understanding viable and sustainable sanitation solutions. It links on the ground experiences with an engaged community made up of practitioners, policy makers, researchers, and academics from different levels with the aim of promoting innovation and best practices in policy, programming and implementation.

SuSanA will hold several Working Group Meetings at the World Water Week 2016 in Stockholm. These meetings will deal with different topics, including Capacity Development, Market Development, WASH in Schools, Emergency and Reconstruction situation, and WASH & Nutrition.


Working Group Meetings

During the World Water Week several Working Group Meetings will take place:

WG 2   (Market Development) - August 28, 14:00-15:30h

SFD Meeting

This year, there will be a special SFD Meeting: "SFD-it’s use and potential in the sanitation sector" on Friday, August 26 (14:00-18:00h)

World Water Week & SuSanA

In the context of the World Water Week Stockholm (August 28 - September 2), SuSanA will be engaged in the following events:

August 28:

  • City-wide sanitation services: Recent thinking and experiences  
  •   Equitable access to water and sanitation: sustainable growth for all  

August 29:

  • WASHoholic Anonymous - Confessions of Failure and how to Reform  
  •   Opportunities & Limitations of Market-based Programming to Address Humanitarian WASH Needs  

August 30:

  • Upscaling the WASH-Nutrition Nexus for Sustainable (Body) Growth  

September 1:

  • Understanding sanitation as the cornerstone of sustainable development