CAF - Development Bank of Latin America / Inter-American Development Bank / National Water Commission, Mexico / Spanish Cooperation Agency for International Development

Eye on LAC - Fostering a Wastewater Treatment Revolution

Tuesday 29 August | 09.00-10.30 | Room: FH Congress Hall A
Fostering a Wastewater Treatment Revolution_photo published by álef

From 1990 to 2014, more than 200 million people gained access to sanitation in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). However, more than 106 million still lack access to this basic service. The challenge for the region now is to commit to and pursue the new sector Sustainable Development Goal. Wastewater treatment is central to it. Target 6.3 seeks to (by 2030) to halve the proportion of untreated wastewater and substantially increase recycling and safe reuse. In LAC, it is estimated that only 28% of collected wastewater is adequately treated before being discharged into the environment. In some LAC countries, up to 75% of the households, and across the region roughly half of all households are not connected to a sewer network. The region needs a wastewater treatment revolution. It is time to discuss how to foster it. Some countries are already on their path. This event will discuss: what are the major challenges the region faces to meet target 6.3? What are the existing strategies already addressing it? What can LAC learn from other countries such as Israel or Chile? What is the potential for reuse/circular economies in this wastewater treatment revolution?


9:00 Welcoming Remarks to Eye on LAC
Sergio Campos, IADB

9:15 How do we foster a wastewater treatment revolution in LAC?
Daniel Nolasco, Wastewater Treatment Specialist

9:30 Concrete experiences & lessons learnt to develop wastewater treatment in LAC
Ignacio del Río Marrero, CEDEX 

9:45 Wastewater management in Israel: What can LAC learn from it?
Iris Bafi Wexler, Israeli Water Authority

10:00 Wastewater treatment in Mexico: Atotonilco and beyond
Luis Felipe Alcocer Espinoza, CONAGUA

10:15 Q&A 

10:25 Summary

10:30 Close of session