Conservation International

The Freshwater Health Index: participate in a mini assessment

Sunday 27 August | 16.00-16.45 | Room: NL 253

The Freshwater Health Index is a new tool developed by Conservation International and partners to help decision makers measure basin health in terms of ecosystem vitality, ecosystem services, and governance. The Index includes 11 major indicators assessed at the basin and sub-basin scale, and stakeholder engagement is a crucial part of the assessment process. This showcase is designed to demonstrate the Index’s applicability as a diagnostic and monitoring tool, but also as a mechanism for multi-stakeholder engagement and scenario planning. After introducing the tool, participants will be divided into small groups that will be guided through a portion of the Freshwater Health Index assessment process. Participants will take part in an interactive weighting exercise similar to what basin stakeholders undertake in actual assessments. The exercise is designed to help reveal stakeholders’ underlying preferences for water-related services, and provide insights into priorities as well as areas of disagreement. Following this, participants will be able to review their results and provide general feedback on the Freshwater Health Index. Participants will come away with a general understanding of the applicability of the Index and its potential for strengthening integrated water resources management.


16:00 Welcome and overview of the Freshwater Health Index
Dr Derek Vollmer
, Conservation International

16:25 Interactive exercise
Participants will weight preferences for freshwater health 

16:35 Discussion and review of results
Dr Isabelle Fauconnier

16:45 Close of session