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Water and Faith: Building partnerships to achieve the SDGs

Wednesday 30 August | 09.00-10.30 | Room: FH Cabaret
Water and Faith

To achieve the SDGs in just 15 years requires engagement and partnerships across all of our global communities. Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) have long played an important role in community development and many are engaged to promote sustainable water development at local, national, and global levels. FBOs often hold a foundational role in guiding community values, beliefs and behaviors. Their vast and structured networks are important means of channeling key messages on sustainable water management, access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. Moreover, in areas of the world with the highest levels of water stress, religion often plays a definitive role in the daily lives of community members. The Water Community and FBOs have a lot to gain from a closer cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experiences.     The ‘Water and Faiths’ session organized during the 2016 World Water Week demonstrated the potential synergies for such a collaboration. This showcase will present a series of concrete water projects led by FBOs which operate in diverse geographical and social contexts. The interactive showcase format will serve to not only share knowledge and lessons learned but also to advance cooperation and dialogue between FBOs and the water community at large.   



Introduction: ‘Water and Faiths: Faith-based Organizations contributing to the Water SDGs
Elizabeth Yaari, SIWI, Dinesh Suna, WCC, and Francois Brikké, GWP


Ignite Speech:     Reverend Adam Russell Taylor, Lead for the Faith-Based Initiative, The World Bank Group


Introduction to Invited Case Studies: Approaches to Bridging Water and Faith
Facilitator: Peter Weiderud, Director, SwedAlex 

  • United Religions Initiative: Kiran Bali JP, Global Interfaith Group Leader
  • World Council of Churches: Dinesh Suna, Coordinator, Ecumenical Water Network
  • Church of Sweden:  Reverend Henrik Grape, Moderator, Climate Change Working Group
  • Anglican Development Services of Mount Kenya: Catherine Mwangi, Executive Director, ADSMKE
  • EcoPeace Middle East, Munqeth Mehyar, Jordanian Co-Director


Audience interaction in "Marketplace"


Audience Comments, Concluding remarks and vote of thanks: 

Katarina Veem,  SIWI


Close of session