Aguaconsult / German Toilet Organization / Viva con Agua / Water Integrity Network / Welthungerhilfe / Sustainable Sanitation Alliance

WASHaholics Anonymous: The first step on the road to recovery

Thursday 31 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: NL 353

This session will showcase the Sustainable Services Initiative (SSI), a collaboration between multiple stakeholders working to improve the provision of sustainable water and sanitation services for everyone.  The complexity of the challenge requires action to: enhance government leadership of sector planning processes; strengthen and use country systems; use a single information and mutual accountability platform; and to build sustainable financing systems. The SSI also recognises high levels of interconnectivity and, by implication interdependency, between water and sanitation and, for example, food security, nutrition and livelihoods systems. The session will provide opportunity to organizations that are testing these approaches to share their experience of the viability of a systems change approach in fragile or stressed operational contexts; the challenges faced by community management when it is part of a broader complex system and cannot be changed in isolation; tools to assist smaller-scale service providers become more professional and seek opinion on the scope and design of a platform that improves mutual accountability. Bringing together governments, development partners, civil society and research organisations to discuss the issues raised in an interactive and consultative forum will provide guidance on how to support the initiative and scale practices that enhance sustainable services for all.


11.00 Welcome
Christian Wiebe, VCA

11.05 Striving for Sustainable WASH Services for All
Ajay Paul, Welthungerhilfe

11.15 Interconnectivity and Interdependence - The challenge of changing systems in Ghana
Harold Lockwood, AguaConsult

11.25 The Integrity Management Toolbox from Kenya
Lotte Feuerstein, WIN

11:35 Strengthening and using country systems in Uganda
Samuel Emeru, Welthungerhilfe

11:45 Workshop: Development of an Online Platform “WASHaholics Anonymous”
Thilo Panzerbieter, German WASH Network

12:15 Q&A

12:25 Summary and Wrap Up
Patrick Moriarty

12:30 Close of session