100 Resilient Cities / Alliance for Global Water Adaptation / Arup / The Rockefeller Foundation / The University of Massachusetts, Amherst / The World Bank Group

Designing for Freshwater Resilience

Thursday 31 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: NL 353
Salinas Valley, California (photo credit: The Freshwater Trust)

Resilient freshwater systems handle changes, particularly the increasingly common ones wrought by climate change, and continue to deliver the essential services upon which communities and ecosystems depend. Recognition that our hydrological past is obsolete guidance to our future has sparked innovation in diagnostic and predictive tools and methods to manage for uncertain water futures.

This event will showcase advances in approaches to diagnosing and designing for the resilience of managed freshwater systems to meet growing water needs under a wide range of possible futures. 


16:00 Welcome
Dr Fred Boltz,The Rockefeller Foundation

16:10 Case Study
Dr John Matthews, AGWA

16:25 Case Study
Dr Casey Brown, UMass Amherst, and Dr Diego Rodriguez, The World Bank Group

 16:40 Case Study
Olivia Armenta, 100 Resilient Cities
Arnoldo Kramer, Chief Resilience Officer, Mexico City

16:55 Case Study
Alexa Bruce, ARUP, and
Dr Mark Fletcher, ARUP

17:10 Q&A with Speakers

17:25: Concluding Remarks
Dr Fred Boltz,The Rockefeller Foundation

17:30 Close of session