Cap-Net UNDP

#SIWISofa: Capacity Development in the Use of New Technologies

Tuesday 29 August | 15.30-16.00 | Room: Exhibition Hall

Today a plethora of new technologies offer wide access to data and new ways of learning. Cap-Tec, a signature programme of Cap-Net UNDP, aims at promoting the use of these technologies through demonstration and innovative learning for expansion and incorporation in daily water management, planning and decision making. These new technologies include: smart phones and sensors, earth observation, drones to manage agriculture systems and water pollution in real time, and use of innovative learning platforms. The project bridges the digital divide, develops competent water knowledge societies and contributes transversally to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.    Availability and affordability, including connectivity, are in place. It is a matter of capacity development, change management, and partnerships until we see more and more of these tools in daily work in all regions. Cap-Tec responds to these challenges.   

The question is how can we promote the use and adoption of new technologies for improved water management and productivity? How can we form robust partnerships, especially with IT companies, to realise this goal? How can we establish a mechanism for financial resource mobilization to support planned activities in developing countries and regions?