IHE Delft

Towards the circularization of hydroelectricity using the existing hydraulic infrastructure

Thursday 30 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: NL 357

Synergistic approaches to respond to both food and energy needs and an integrated management of water are essential to respond to the WEF Nexus, in particular to attain the SGDs 2, 6 and 7. Installing hydropower plants in the greenfield imposes high environmental and social impacts. On the other hand, in water infrastructures the waste of energy is common. A direction for the decarbonisation of energy sources, in the context of hydroelectricity, must be the fight against this energy waste.

The development of alternative strategies and technical solutions incorporated in existing structures, used primarily for other purposes, represents an additional low-impact and lucrative solution for energy generation. However this may be hindered by the lack of a proper evaluation of the available energy, doubts about technical solutions and the lobby of the big hydropower, solar and wind power industries.

The event is an open debate, preceded by short presentations by the organizers (Mário Franca and Miroslav Marence) and invited participants who are key players in the hydropower industry. 

Invited participants:

Rana Singh, UN Industrial Development Organization

Anton Schleiss, International Commission on Large Dams

Cesar Carmona-Moreno, EC Joint Research Center

Thomas Sandberg, European Renewable Energies Federation

Event promoted under the auspices of the three years program S-MultiStor.


11h00 A not-so-hidden treasure, Mário Franca and Miroslav Marence 

11h10 Short presentations, T. Emtairah, A. Schleiss, C. Carmona-Moreno, D. Hendricks

11h20 Open debate

12h15 Interactive activity

Young professionals are invited to contact the organizers (Mário Franca and Miroslav Marence) to have an active role in the event.