SIWI Swedish Water House / Stockholm International Water Institute / Arup / Water Youth Network

Global vision to local reality – identifying the pathways

Sunday 26 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: FH Little Theatre

In this two-parted session we move beyond the global aspects of the SDGs to bring the local reality into the spotlight by identifying pathways and challenges, similarities and differences, hindrances and resolutions on national, regional and even local implementations. We will do so from a bottom-up perspective with youth and water at the core. In the spirit of the 2018 World Water Week we will focus our discussions within the theme of Water, Ecosystems and Human Development.

This second part aim at visualizing the building of local action into global implementation through a very interactive exercise where the audience turn the tables around discussing how to transform the global commitments into local action. The fulfilling of the SDGs depends on citizens understanding and, more importantly, being empowered to participate on an every-day basis.

Why are people not more engaged in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals?
Can these global goals become everyone’s local goals and how?
If empowered, how can individuals contribute to achieving ‘the Agendas’?

Gold standard events are committed to ensure the gender balance in speakers/panellists and young professional representation in the session.


11:00 Welcome address
Mr. Iñigo Ruiz-Apilánez, Arup & Ms. Cajsa Larsson, SIWI

11:05 Introduction
Ms. Shabana Abbas, President, Water Youth Network
Mr. Philip Kruse, Water Youth Network

11:15 Local actions for global commitments
Group exercise on the importance of a localisation process and the challenges to start, develop and continue activities contributing to SDGs at a local level

12:00 Outcome mapping
How does regional conditions - social, environmental and economic - influence local actions and possibilities and how is that relevant to the SDGs?

12:25 Closing remarks

12:30 End of session