Circle of Blue

Groundwater: Mapping a Global Story of Pollution, Scarcity and Survival

Sunday 26 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: M5

Groundwater reserves are being used as a garbage can.

The slow buildup of pollution, like the drip of carbon into the atmosphere, has profound consequences for the hundreds of millions around the world for whom groundwater is a primary source of drinking water. People are getting sick -- with cancers, diarrheal illness, and diseases previously thought eradicated in the United States.

Thousands of chemicals are in commercial use without knowledge of how they alter human bodies or ecosystems as a whole.

Through an interactive multimedia experience, we will take participants into the middle of a sweeping global narrative. Together we will explore the policies and laws that allow groundwater to degrade, the financial cost of treatment, and health consequences, as well as technologies and processes being used to rehabilitate polluted ecosystems. Please come ready to participate as this is an interactive event.

Gold standard events are committed to ensure the gender balance in speakers/panellists and young professional representation in the session.


16:00 Setting the Scene: An Underground Garbage Can

16:05 Groundwater Pollution in the United States

Brett Walton, Circle of Blue

16:20 India’s Groundwater Crisis

Carl Ganter, Circle of Blue

16:30 Managed Aquifer Recharge in India: Overcoming the Risks

Paul Pavelic, International Water Management Institute

16:40 Q&A

Mapping Global Groundwater Challenges

16:50 Small group workshop on the following groundwater themes:

· Science and data

· Health and pollution

· Quantity

· Governance and policy

17:10 Group discussion to fill in the map of groundwater hotspots

17:25 Summary and wrap-up

Carl Ganter, Circle of Blue