Inter-American Development Bank / RTI International / World Resources Institute

Eye on LAC- Green-Gray Infrastructure: The Case for Investment

Tuesday 28 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: FH Congress Hall A

This event will promote dialogue among financial institutions, water sector, governments, and NGOs to clarify why and how to invest in natural infrastructure, and how to encourage investment through improved regulatory and institutional structures. Nature-based solutions to water challenges can complement, safeguard, and lower the cost of operating conventional water infrastructure and hydropower systems, while providing additional ecosystem services that enhance human well-being. New analyses on green-gray infrastructure projects in Brazil, Mexico, and Ecuador have shed light on why, where, and how to invest in natural infrastructure, in ways that complement or improve existing water management and gray infrastructure approaches. These case studies have also exposed key challenges to scaling up green infrastructure solutions. This event will review these studies and discuss their findings to evaluate the worthiness and feasibility of green infrastructure investments for Latin America. 

This event will have two parts: Part 1. Case studies on the business case for green-gray infrastructure, which will feature presentations on recently-released economic and financial analyses that evaluate the business case for green infrastructure investment. Part 2. Panel on how to invest in natural infrastructure,  which will include representatives from financial institutions and investors with interest in supporting nature-based solutions. 


16:00    Introduction by Moderator: Todd Gartner, WRI         

Part 1. The Business Care for Green-Gray Investments: Case Studies     

16:10    Evaluating the Case to Invest in Natural Infrastructure for Water in Southeast Brazil. Suzanne Ozment, WRI.     

16:20    Capturing the Specifics of Hydrological Benefits of Green Infrastructure: Return on Investment in Quito’s Water Fund FONAG. Bert de Bievre, FONAG      

Part 2. Financing mechanisms for green-gray infrastructure: Case studies     

16:30  Lessons from Market-Based Approaches for Watershed Protection:  Water Quality Trading in the Chesapeake Bay Region. George Van Houtven, RTI International   

16:40  Climate Bonds Standard Water Criteria: Nature-Based and Hybrid Water Infrastructure. John Matthews, AGWA   

16:50  Part 3. Panel discussion on how to trigger investment in natural infrastructure + Q&A   

17:25  Summary and Wrap-up by Moderator