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Water Stewardship collaboration for the textiles sector

Wednesday 29 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: M4
© Justin Jin / WWF-US

The textiles and apparel sector is a highly water-impacting sector. Raw material production and fabric/garment processes are happening in some of the world’s most high water risk countries, with water related challenges around governance, development, human health and livelihoods as well as water quality and use impacts.

In response to this risk, pioneers within the sector have worked to drive water impact reduction within the textiles supply chain through industry programmes such as ZDHC and the Higg Index, as well as working with NGOs like WWF on water stewardship and collective action within high risk regions.

This session will examine the challenges and opportunities of current sector water stewardship activities and tools, and explore how the textiles sector can align to accelerate change through collective action in key water risk regions - with focus on how to co-ordinate resources and programmes to drive improvements in impacts, development and water governance in priority regions.

Gold standard events are committed to ensure the gender balance in speakers/panellists and young professional representation in the session.


16.00 – 16.10: Introduction

Laila Petrie, WWF

Tracing the journey of the sector on water, from water impact reduction focus towards to collective action. What do we mean by collective action? Why does it matter for textiles companies ?

16.10 - 16.50: What have we learned so far from doing collective action? What are the big opportunities to do it better?

Sue Alexander, HSBC

Shan Hua, CNTAC

Shariful Hoque, H&M Group

Samantha Sims, PVH

Pascale Moreau, Sustainable Apparel Coalition

• What is the business case for the textile companies working on collective action?

• What are the opportunities for the future, what can be improved?

• How can we align better to drive impact? Should we be trying to align our efforts on the ground?

16.50 - 17.30: Building a new approach to alignment and collaboration on collective action

Roland Bernhard, Tommy Hilfiger

Shariful Hoque, H&M Group

Abigail Warner, CEO Water Mandate

Andre Lammerding, GIZ

Byron Thayer, Levi Strauss & Co.

Speakers will reflect on barriers to better collaboration, and then put forward one of 5 prepared visions for a future approach for the textiles sector on collective action. After discussion with the audience in groups, voting will capture audience views (in person and online through live stream) on preferred scenarios and elements to the proposals.

Results will be captured in a summary report, and all participating panelists will commit to seriously exploring how to take forward the final option(s) selected by the audience.

The event will also be available to watch live online here