Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade / Civil Society WASH Fund Management Facility / International Development Enterprises / Palladium / SNV / University of Technology Sydney / WaterAid

Leveraging learning and innovation in NGO led WASH programming

Wednesday 29 August | 10.00-10.30 | Room: Exhibition Hall
CS WASH FMF/ FotoFusion

NGOs are a critical players in delivering effective WASH investments, bringing to bear unique skills, organisational characteristics and a commitment to leaving no-one behind. Agility, creativity and a willingness to innovate and learn are hallmarks of successful endeavours.

NGOs are diverse, and this is represented in those implementing the 29 projects of the global Australian supported Civil Society WASH Fund (AUD103m). Explicit support to knowledge and learning (K&L) in the portfolio at every level has facilitated cross-fertilisation of ideas and peer-to-peer exchange that is both valued and has improved programming. Over five years we have seen a maturing in approaches and dialogue on gender and disability inclusive WASH, safe sanitation for ecosystem and human health, and increasingly sophisticated approaches to influencing and building enabling environment

Informed by experiences from Fund partners, session participants will work together to identify key enablers for evolving practice based on K&L processes and evidence. We will learn and discuss how CSOs

  • Institutionalise efforts to leave no one behind
  • Leverage strengths and fill gaps in sanitation marketing and innovation
  • Innovate in FSM for safe sanitation
  • Evolve monitoring tools as avenues for gender transformative WASH and building sector capacity