Toilet Board Coalition / Veolia

A ‘new grid’ approach to Sanitation & SDG6.2

Wednesday 29 August | 12.00-12.30 | Room: Exhibition Hall

The Sanitation Economy not only provides sanitation, enables education, and facilitates better workplaces for women, but it creates a biological resource system and a new source of information about human health and behaviour. The Toilet Board Coalition (TBC) launched the Toilet Accelerator in 2016, dedicated to supporting sanitation entrepreneurs in low-income markets to help catalyse new business solutions and innovations. In 2017, the TBC introduced the opportunity of the Sanitation Economy, a future marketplace of untapped business potential, based on growing evidence of significant new benefits for business and society across sectors - an estimated $62 billion opportunity by 2021 in India alone. Veolia, a leading member of the TBC and the global leader in optimized resource management, is committed to the deployment of the Circular Economy on all continents and delivers sanitation services to more than 60 million: Veolia strongly believes in the necessity to develop hybridized solutions using at the same time classic engineered solutions and decentralized solutions within the Sanitation Economy approach. The two organisations will discuss innovative business opportunities within this ‘new grid’ Sanitation Economy approach.