Alliance for Global Water Adaptation / Center of Ecology and Hydrology / Deltares / The World Bank Group / Water Global Practice / World Wide Fund for Nature

Sustaining Water for Ecosystems and Society: Innovative Environmental Flows Approaches

Sunday 25 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: L12
John Wollwerth

Both climate change and economic development are affecting water availability. Changes in water availability in river catchments impact riverine and estuarine ecosystem services and hence societies. This session will interactively explore innovative methods that may improve the development of sustainable water resources management strategies for ecosystems and societies in river catchments and river deltas, using environmental flows as guiding principle. The session starts with a limited number of presentations demonstrating different cases from various regions of the world that use innovative methods to develop sustainable water resources management strategies for lively rivers and deltas. For the second part we will invite representatives of governments, NGO’s, environmental protection agencies, financing institutions and other participants to discuss (using world café format) the new approaches to support the implementation of ecological flows in rivers and deltas as a strategy to ensure water for ecosystems and society. The session will close with a plenary feedback from the discussion tables. Additionally, we will engage the audience during different stages of the session by inviting the audience to share their opinion about statements. To have instant audience feedback we will use a smartphone app. As a result, the session will be interactive from start to finish.


16:00 Opening of session

16:05 Reflections on and challenges of environmental flow approaches 
Dr Jackie King, Honorary Professor at the University of the Western Cape

16:15 Presenting 5 3 slide pitches on innovative environmental flow approaches
Cate Brown, CEH, Deltares, World Bank, WWF 

16:40 World Cafe discussing with the audience the just presented subjects 

17:15 Reflection on the session: how to proceed 
Dr Jackie King, Honorary Professor at the University of the Western Cape

17:30 End of session