Nazava / Rural Water Supply Network / Simavi / Water Mission

Reaching the last mile: Water Mission, Simavi, Nazava & RWSN

Nazava: Simavi; Water Mission; RWSN

To achieve SDG 6, water and sanitation for all has to be ensured by 2030. With 80% of people without improved water services living in rural areas, SDG6 will not be met without a transformational shift  enabling everyone to access water anywhere in a sustainable manner and ultimately lift people out of poverty. 

This exhibition stand will highlight the work of four partners (Water Mission, Simavi, Nazava, RWSN) committed to providing sustainable water services for everyone, especially the most vulnerable, with a focus on rural areas. This includes expanding sustainable access to water services on the ground with innovative approaches on solar pumping, responsive remote monitoring, and water treatment (Water Mission); designing integrated services that are demonstrated to have an impact on people’s health and empowerment through “Women Centered” and “Right-based approaches for WASH and Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights  in rural and urban areas” (Simavi); and making low-cost household water treatment available to the poorest segments of the population (Nazava). As a strategic global platform for knowledge sharing, RWSN brings the knowledge distilled from its activities with more than 10,000 water professionals worldwide with a focus on universal access to safe, affordable water supplies.